I’m a hacker, and I love to build stuff for the Web.


Joining Dydra

Wednesday 20th July, 2011

With jubilance, I’d like to announce that I have officially joined the Dydra team as a Developer Evangelist.

Anyone who knows me professionally knows that I love working in open-source, whether it’s creating, contributing to or even just talking about software. I enjoy the fraternity, the absence of egos, and the recognition that a line of code is worth a thousand words. In the coming months I will be working very closely with the open-source community, aiming both to demonstrate to developers the power of our platform, and to harvest ideas and feedback for the product itself. I’ll also be taking care of the client SDKs, initially focusing on Python and JavaScript (my fortes).

Aside from being able to work on such a revolutionary product, it’s a joy to be on a team with some of the most intelligent and talented people I know—and I’m being sincere.